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The Whispering Campaign Archives

Unless otherwise noted, the following links lead to one-page articles. Links to smaller-font articles appear like this: (*).

What's Wrong With Our Elections?

Ohio '05 Election Results Staggeringly Impossible Brad Friedman
GOP Voting Obstruction Case Bound for Trial Brad Friedman
Election-Tampering Pure And Simple Joshua Micah Marshall
NM Election Officials Try to Block Machine Inspections voteraction.org
Kerry Suspects Election 2004 Was Stolen Robert Parry
Alarming Security Flaws In Diebold Voting Systems Brad Friedman
Both Parties Must Protect Integrity Of Vote Leonard M. Salle
Election Night: Rove Used His Own Data BBC News
'Centrist' Donkeys: Elephants In Disguise Lucinda Marshall
GOP Pays Defense Fees in Vote Suppression Case The BRAD BLOG
Arrested For Trying To Watch Vote-Counting Machine Black Box Voting
Sun Revolves Around Earth; Bush Won Ohio Bob Fitrakis
Ten Amazing Facts About Voting In The USA Angry Girl
Unscrupulous Friends In High Places Brad Friedman
[two pages] Vote-Rigging Sofware Fit For A Congressman Brad Friedman
[two pages] Amazing Facts About Our Electoral System Angry Girl
[two pages] The Conyers Report: What Went Wrong In Ohio

Something Smells Fishy Here But We Don't See Any Fish

Big Don Rumsfeld Bats for Both Teams Chris Floyd
Pentagon Pays $20 For Each 85-Cent Ice Cube Tray Lauren Markoe and Seth Borenstein
Texas Court Issues Warrant for Tom DeLay Suzanne Gamboa
Leak Investigation Turns To Vice President's Office Jason Leopold with Larisa Alexandrovna
The Big Fix Chris Floyd
Dems Chant 'Shame!' As GOP Bullies House Vote David Edwards
How Rotten Are These Guys? Robert Parry
New Policy May Restrict Flow Of Weather Info Larisa Alexandrovna
Thatcher Linked To US Corruption Probe Bob Roberts
The Lunacy Of The Powerful And Comfortable Chris Floyd
War! What Is It Good For? Never-Ending Profits! Chris Floyd
The Biggest Scam Ever Gandhi
Top Bush Administration Official Arrested Jonathan E. Kaplan
The Mother Of All Scandals What Really Happened dot Com
Halliburton Announces 284% Increase In War Profits HalliburtonWatch.org
Cheney's Halliburton: Fraud, Extortion, Brutality Chris Floyd
For This They Have Made A Holocaust Chris Floyd

Disaster As A 'Business Opportunity': Katrina And Her Aftermath

US Rejects British Hurricane Relief Meals Jamie Wilson
New Orleans Is A Toxic Cesspool Robert C. Koehler
Headed For The Political Landfill Mike Whitney
British Food Aid Going Up In Flames Ryan Parry
CNN: General Says Iraq Hurt Katrina Response CNN
Bodies Found In Freezer At Convention Center Brian Thevenot
Local Neighborhood Cops as Militarized Thugs Kurt Nimmo
N.O.: No Photos of Dead 'Cockroaches' Allowed Kurt Nimmo
Did Deliberate Sabotage Open The Floodgates? Cameron McLaughlin
Police Trapped Thousands in New Orleans Rogers Cadenhead
CNN: General Says Iraq Hurt Katrina Response CNN
Bodies Found In Freezer At Convention Center Brian Thevenot
Criminal Plot Underway in the New Orleans Swamp Kurt Nimmo
We'll Be Angry Long After Our Beloved City Is Dry CNN
Food Distribution Was Staged For Photo Op Laura Rozen
Levee Repair Was Staged For Photo Op U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu
Bush Visit Halts Food Delivery For Photo Op Michelle Krupa
Washington Post Caught Lying For Bush! Editor & Publisher
Stranded in New Orleans and Facing Katrina The Center for American Progress
Where Are The Relief Workers? Tim Harper
Red Cross Forbidden to Enter New Orleans The American Red Cross
How New Orleans Was Lost Paul Craig Roberts
Chaos Erupts Amid New Orleans? Desperation MSNBC
N.O. Was Sacrificed to Fund the Destruction of Iraq Will Bunch
Waiting for a Leader a New York Times editorial

What's Wrong With The President?

Bush Is Nothing If Not Consummate Con Man George McEvoy
On Liberating Something Larisa Alexandrovna
One High Crime And Two Misdemeanors Will Bunch
Is George Bush On A Mission From God? Ewen MacAskill
Please Pay Attention Molly Ivins
The President Is Losing It Doug Thompson
George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us Jason Miller
He Regrets Nothing William Rivers Pitt
Pretty Hot in Crawford; Pretty Hot in Hell Mike Whitney

Fake Terror In The Middle East

'al-Qaeda' Was In Fact A Database Kurt Nimmo (*)
Amman Bombings: Nothing Here, Move On Kurt Nimmo
The Real Insurgency, And The Fake One Xymphora
Fake Terrorism Winning Hearts And Minds? Matt Hutaff
Who Murdered 32 Iraqi Children? Layth
Is The CIA Behind The Iraqi 'Insurgents'? Frank Morales
'Combat Terrorism' By Causing It Imad Khadduri
The Four Powers Behind The al-Qaeda Conspiracy Matthew Parris
Innocent Civilians Killed By U.S. Troops Richard C. Paddock
Straight-Shootin' George Galloway Mike Whitney

The 7/7 London Bombings

Perverted And Twisted Logic Adam Young
Five Shots To The Head For Fashion Mistake Chris Floyd
The 7/7 London Bombings: How to Set Up a Patsy What Really Happened
George and Tony Get their al-Qaeda Fix Greg Palast
Light Years Beyond A Coincidence Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones
The Stupidest People On This Entire Planet Anthony Wade
Do I See A Pattern Here? William Bowles

A Brief History Of "The War On Terror"

Caught On Film: US Troops Burning Bodies Tom Allard
Radical Republicans Created Vast Terrorist Network Juan Cole
Reagan Armed Radical Muslims; Bush Alienated Them Juan Cole
The Bizarre Set Of Actions Called 'The War On Terror' Juan Cole
Every Time A Child Is Murdered, A Terrorist Is Born J.D. Englehardt
Fallujah Is The Model Dahr Jamail
Field Health Clinic Bombed In Iraq Doctors For Iraq
Standard Operating Procedure Dahr Jamail
How Did Americans Become Mongol Terrorists? Dr. Sam Hamod
Former Malaysian PM Calls US, UK 'Terrorist Nations' Jasbant Singh

Anybody Remember 9/11?

Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job Prison Planet
Seven Things We Learned About 9/11 In 2004 Jeff Wells
[normal font] Eight Things We Learned About 9/11 In 2004 Jeff Wells
[two pages] The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11 Jeff Wells

Torture: The New American Way

House Of Horrors Riverbend (*)
I Guess The Lucky Ones Go To Abu Ghraib Riverbend (*)
Torturing Detainees Will Not Help Us Larry Johnson
Vice President For Torture The Washington Post
Guantanamo Hunger Strike Takes A Serious Turn Aljazeera
Prisoner Abuse: Investigation Aims Far Too Low Joseph L. Galloway
McCain: Prisoner Abuse Hurts American Image Abroad The Canadian Press
This Is About Who WE Are Joseph L. Galloway
An Extraordinary Challenge To Extraordinary Evil Tim Harper
Leaked Emails Claim Guantanamo Trials Rigged Leigh Sales
Endless Nightmare, Ever Darker Chris Floyd
If We All Had The Guts Chris Satullo
Torture Fatigue Silja J.A. Talvi
We Are Going To Send You To Hell Dahr Jamail
US Faces Prison Ship Allegations BBC News
[two pages] AP: Gitmo Detainees Say They Were Sold Michelle Faul

Police State America

Our Most Basic Rights Are In Serious Trouble David Rose
Documents Provide Glimpse Into Domestic Spying Dan Eggen
Truth Becomes The Greatest Enemy Of The State William Bowles
New Thought Crimes xymphora
It Didn't Take Long, Did It? Greg Palast
NY Commuters Face Random Searches BBC News
Bush Sets Up Domestic Spy Service BBC News
Freedoms Lost Under George W. Bush Chuck Baldwin
Wake Up And Smell The Fascism The Project for the Old American Century
[normal font] Ten Big Problems with the PATRIOT Act Unslaver News
[two pages] Freedoms Lost Under George W. Bush Chuck Baldwin

Corporations Rule, Citizens Drool

The War Against Civilization Chris Floyd (*)
The Antithesis Of Robin Hood Charles Sullivan
A Land Of Contradictions Charles Sullivan
We Must Come To Grips With Our History Charles Sullivan
Put Down That Law Suit, Pardner, and No One Gets Hurt Greg Palast
China Floats, America Sinks Greg Palast
I Hope I Die Before The Next Re-Fill Greg Palast

Recruiters and Counter-Recruiters

Don't Look For These Names Velvet Revolution
Are the Bush Twins AWOL? Richard Bradley
'Raging Grannies' Arrested For Trying To Enlist News24.com
Journalists Charged At Army Recruiting Center Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Counter-Recruiting: Keeping Kids Out Of The Military Clint Coppernoll with Kevin Zeese
High School Student Stung Army Recruiters Graham Webster

Crimes Of War and Crimes Against Humanity

I Didn’t Want To See It Riverbend (*)
I Imagine What It Must Have Been Like Riverbend (*)
This War Has Redefined ‘Conventional’ Riverbend (*)

Depleted Uranium, The Pentagon's Favorite WMD

There Is A Reason Dahr Jamail
Global Terrorism? Look In The Mirror! Robert C. Koehler
The Danger Of Depleted Uranium In Weapons BenFrank.net

Quagmire: The War In Iraq

History Has Proven Otherwise Riverbend (*)
The War on Al Jazeera Jeremy Scahill (*)
It Is The War Which Disgraces America Bob Harris (*)
Bush Administration Dishonors All Veterans Rev. Bill McGinnis
Straight Talk About Iraqi 'Sovereignty' Juan Cole
A Very Clear Message To The Occupiers Of Iraq Dahr Jamail
The Situation Can Only Get Worse Now Dahr Jamail
You Can?t Imagine The Situation Dahr Jamail
Violence Leads Only To More Violence Sabah Ali
We're Not Even Trying. It's Pathetic. Paul Reickhoff
Talk About A Cruel Joke Bob Herbert
1,900 Dead -- And The Truth We Dare Not Speak Bob Geiger
The Catastrophe In Iraq Dahr Jamail
Imagine What Will Happen Mike Whitney
The Time Has Come To Stop The Madness J.D. Englehardt
Stay The Course Of What? Joshua Frank
The Time Has Come To Say We Must Leave Iraq Army Maj. William E. Bailey (ret.)
Someone Tell the President the War Is Over Frank Rich
Gloom Is Deeper In Baghdad Now Patrick Cockburn
Iraqi Soldiers Afraid To Leave Their Base ABC News (Australia)
A War By Any Other Name Juliette Kayyem
Some 'Christians' Give God A Bad Name Felicity Arbuthnot
Iraq: Several Londons A Day Ireland Online
Do People Really Still Believe This? Riverbend
A 'Free Iraq'? When? Riverbend
Why There Are No Yellow Elephants In Iraq Max Blumenthal
Bush's Alternative Speech Robert Parry
Blood And Lies Robert C. Koehler
Iraq: A bloody mess Patrick Cockburn
U.S. headed for disaster when efforts in Iraq collapse John Patrick Grace
Iraq Is A Hell-Disaster Robert Fisk
From an Iraqi citizen to the American people: e-mail received by Dahr Jamail
Imperial Defiance Joel Miller
[normal font] From an Iraqi citizen to the American people: posted by Dahr Jamail

The Sleeping Media and The Road To War

They Will Need A Lot More Time To 'Study' This The Bulldog Manifesto
Source: White House Iraq Group Included Judy Miller James Gordon Meek and Kenneth R. Bazinet
The Plame Leak Is The Tale Of The Iraq War Itself Michael Moore
Bush Told Blair Of 'Going Beyond Iraq' Richard Norton-Taylor
Mapes: Mainstream Press Fell For Blogs' Critiques Editor & Publisher
Played For Fools Charles Sullivan
Reuters Cameraman To Be Held In Abu Ghraib ABC News Online (Australia)
Censorship Dahr Jamail
American press behaving like Pravda Linda McQuaig
With A Heavy Heart Robin Cook
Opponents Of Intervention Were Absolutely Right William Marvel
US Knew Iraqi Weapons Had Been Destroyed Deep Blade
The Lie Of The Century What Really Happened
[normal font] The Lie Of The Century What Really Happened
Not Bad Intelligence -- An Orchestrated Effort Sam Gardiner
A Massive Secret Bombing Campaign Larisa Alexandrovna and John Byrne
Baiting, Not Debating Robert Parry
General Admits To Secret Air War Michael Smith
Bush rejects Saddam 9/11 link BBC News. September, 2003.
Perle Admits Invasion Was Illegal The Guardian. November, 2003.
[two pages] Secret Air War Seals Case Against Bush & Blair Chris Floyd
[two pages] The Road To War In Iraq Was Paved With Lies Bye The Times
[two pages] What The Downing Street Memo Really Means Media Matters
[two pages] The Deceivers [The Bush/Blair War Crime] Chris Floyd

The World Tribunal On Iraq

WTI Calls For Immediate, Unconditional Withdrawal Dahr jamail
The Second Falluja Massacre: November 2004 WTI testimony from Fadhil Al Bedrani
The World Tribunal On Iraq Arundhati Roy

Iraq Veterans Speak

War Based On A Lie Capt. Jeff Pirozzi (*)
Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged Paul Rieckhoff
We Are Not Going To Win This War Zechariah with Celina R. De Leon
The Priorities In This War Zechariah with Celina R. De Leon
They Weren't Terrorists Until We Got There Zechariah with Celina R. De Leon
We Won't Be Coming Home For A Long Time John Bruhns
Iraq Vet: Bush Statements 'Not Credible' John Bruhns
We Need Honest Answers, Not Pep Rallies Paul Rieckhoff
The Live Bait Approach To National Security David Chasteen
A Grave Injustice Has Been Done Dahr Jamail
Don't You Dare Do This To Us Again Dahr Jamail
Trying To Undo The Evil Dahr Jamail
A Cowboy In A Western Movie Dahr Jamail
Get Packin', Georgie Dahr Jamail
Military Diaries: 'Suj' Objector.org
Military Diaries: 'Yadira' Objector.org

September 24th, Washington D.C.

500,000 People Vanish in Washington,DC Ron Scott
Huge: September 24, 2005 William Rivers Pitt
Roll, Wheel: September 24, 2005 William Rivers Pitt
Watching History Develop: September 24, 2005 Scott Galindez
Hundreds Of Thousands: September 24, 2005 Scott Galindez
BLACKOUT!! Washington DC, September 24, 2005 William Rivers Pitt
Tilting at Windmills Katrina Wilcox
Three Massive Days Of Action Against The War UnitedForPeace.org
One Act Of Defiance And Strength And Solidarity William Rivers Pitt

Cindy Sheehan, Casey Sheehan and Camp Casey

NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan Sarah Ferguson, Village Voice
Sheehan Arrested Outside White House Daniela Deane and Petula Dvorak
Patriotic Dissent Cindy Sheehan
We Don't Exist Cindy Sheehan
Why Casey Sheehan Was Killed Aaron Glantz
They Have Built It -- Will You Come? Ray McGovern
What Is The 'Noble Cause'? Amy Branham
The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq Cindy Sheehan
This Is Not About Politics Cindy Sheehan with John Byrne
Why Is The Left Lining Up Behind Cindy Sheehan? Hoffmania.com
Cindy Sheehan's Political Agenda Deda Divine
Letter to Cindy Sheehan Ray McGovern
Bush Supporters Chant: We Don't Care! Scott Galindez
May God Forgive Us For Our Apathy Cindy Sheehan
A Lie of Historic Proportions Cindy Sheehan
Military Families to Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford U.S. NewsWire
Who Is The Real Threat To National Security? Bob Harris
What One Mom Has to Say to George Bush Mike Ferner
Impeachment Tour: The Beginning Of The End? Jim Downing
Meeting With Bush Was 'Bizarre And Disgusting' Greg Szymanski
Cindy Sheehan Responds To Right Wing Smear Cindy Sheehan with Bill Press

Live Blogging from Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas

Saturday Evening, 8/13/2005; Crawford, Texas Scott Galindez
Saturday Afternoon, 8/13/2005; Crawford, Texas Nathan Diebenow
Friday Evening, 8/12/2005; Crawford, Texas Nathan Diebenow
Friday Morning, 8/12/2005; Crawford, Texas Scott Galindez
Thursday Evening, 8/11/2005; Crawford, Texas William Rivers Pitt
Thursday Afternoon, 8/11/2005; Crawford, Texas William Rivers Pitt
Thursday Morning, 8/11/2005; Crawford, Texas William Rivers Pitt

Is It Time For Some Impeachment?

Demand Impeachment Or Face Armageddon Paul Craig Roberts
GOP Candidate Calls For Impeachment Gordon Dritschilo, Rutland Herald
War or Impeachment Robert Parry
Ten Good Reasons to Impeach George W. Bush Gary Steven Corseri
Ten More Good Reasons to Impeach George W. Bush Gary Steven Corseri
[two pages] Impeachment Time! Greg Palast

Is It Time For Some Resistance?

Are You With Us Or Against Us? the Editors (*)
The Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime The World Can't Wait
Three Massive Days Of Action Against The War UnitedForPeace.org
One Act Of Defiance And Strength And Solidarity William Rivers Pitt
Time To Tumble The Walls The Lone Star Iconoclast
Unleashing The Resistance Karen Kwiatkowski
NO to Imperial War! Mumia Abu-Jamal
[two pages] Unleashing The Resistance Karen Kwiatkowski

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Synthetic Terror On GOP Agenda AGAIN! Doug Thompson
U.S. Pushing For War Against Iran Dafna Linzer
No Proof Found of Iran Arms Program Dafna Linzer
Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan Walter Pincus
Do Not F*ck With Cindy Sheehan! The Bulldog Manifesto, and
Do Not Mess With Cindy Sheehan! for those who prefer it this way
THIS IS YOUR WATCH! An open letter to President Bush
Are You Ready For Some Synthetic Terror? Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones


White House Opposes Oil Donations To Heating Fund Reuters
More He-Man Action On The Warfront Chris Floyd
Stop the Troops! Ingmar Lee
Don't Support The Troops Richard Hugus
Slugging It Out Over Peanuts Kurt Nimmo
Cheney 'Cabal' Hijacked Foreign Policy Edward Alden
Army Is Broken And In Need Of Repair Joseph L. Galloway
What Would He Say? Daithí Mac Lochlainn
Global Warming Hits 'Tipping Point' Ian Sample
Preoccupation With Literal Truth In Scriptures Karen Armstrong
Friends, Americans, Countrymen... Donn Witherspoon
A True US Patriot True Patriot
[two pages] A True US Patriot True Patriot
Dedication to the US Armed Forces American Patriot
You Are An American Larisa Alexandrovna
You Are Not An American Larisa Alexandrovna
On Supporting Our Troops collected by Res Publica

The Department Of Endless Lies

Document: Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force Dana Milbank and Justin Blum
Cheney Lies About The Lies He Told [part 1] John Aravosis
Cheney Lies About The Lies He Told [part 2] John Aravosis
Cheney Lies About The Lies He Told [part 3] John Aravosis
Piling Lies On Top Of Lies Molly Ivins
[two pages] The White House's White-Out Problem Think Progress

Republicans Awaken: Is It Too Late?

excerpts from "Confessions of a Repentant Republican" by William Frey:
Confessions of a Repentant Republican
Eisenhower Warned Us About This
Concrete Speaks Louder Than Words
How Has It Come To This?
The Price Of Believing The Prevailing Myths
We Must Confront Them With The Truth
With Us Or Against Us
Reclaiming The American Consensus
Framing The Issues

Lest We Forget

A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal from a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Inspirations the editors

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