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Are You With Us Or Against Us?

Secrecy and deceit are the hallmarks of our government. They hide the truth whenever they can and the rest of the time they lie about it. The "news media" let them get away with it to an astonishing degree.

They cut funding from education and health care, and cut taxes for the wealthiest few. It's Robin Hood in reverse, robbing from poor to give to the rich. Then they sign "free trade" agreements that ship our jobs overseas.

Our civil liberties are vanishing and we're told this makes us safer. But our safety depends on our civil liberties. So we're not any safer, only less free.

The attack of September 11th appears to have been an "inside job". So the war in Afghanistan was based on a lie, just like the war in Iraq. Just like the whole "War On Terror".

Iraq had no WMDs, no ties to Al-Qaeda, no part in the attacks of 9/11. These were all lies, told to "justify" an attack against a defenseless country.

The attack became an occupation, and now our soldiers are being poisoned by their own depleted uranium ammunitions. And so is the entire Middle East.

Despite official statements, we're not bringing democracy to Iraq. The death squads that now terrorize Iraq were created by the Pentagon. This is apparently the "noble cause" for which our sons and daughters are dying.

It's disgraceful, and we know it. But how do we change it? Our voting systems are so insecure, we can't even trust the results of our own elections.

We'd better do something, and we'd better do it soon!

Are you with us or against us?

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